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The Harcombe Diet 3-Step Plan:Lost 7Lbs In 5 Days And End Food Cravings Forever [Paperback-2018]
Zoe Harcombe
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Category:HealthDiet & NutritionDiet & Nutrition-Nut
Publisher: Hodder && Stoughton Uk | ISBN: 9781473633407 | Pages: 296

A word-of-mouth bestseller, The Harcombe Diet has already transformed the lives of thousands of people by helping them to lose weight permanently. Now let it do the same for you.New and easy-to-follow, The Harcombe Diet 3-Step Plan takes you through the 3 stages of the unique Harcombe programme. The first stage will help you lose up to 7lbs in 5 days and by completing all three stages you ll permanently change the way you eat.In The Harcombe Diet 3-Step Plan, Zoë Harcombe explains how dieting makes us fatter and induces three common conditions which cause uncontrollable food cravings. By following the 3-Step Plan you can overcome these conditions and lose weight - not by counting calories or starving yourself, but simply by eating real food.You ll start this diet to lose weight. You ll stay on it because you ll feel healthier than you can every remember - and you ll lose weight.

About the Author

Dr Zoë Harcombe, Phd Zoë s passion is obesity. People want to be slim more than they want virtually anything else in the world and yet two thirds of people in the developed world are overweight and one quarter to one third are obese. This makes no sense. Zoë was the first pupil from her school to graduate from Cambridge University. While studying maths and economics at this historic institution, Zoë set out to answer the million dollar question - "Why do you overeat? When all you want is to be slim?" This became the title of Zoë s first book - published in 2004. "Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight" followed in 2008, with an accompanying recipe book and "The Obesity Epidemic: What caused it? How can we stop it?" was published in October 2010. "The Harcombe Diet for Men" (2011) gave men the super quick read they were after and then two more books were published in 2013 - a collaboration with Hodder & Stoughton: "The 3-Step Plan" and a completely revised "Why do you overeat?" Zoë has a PhD in public health nutrition. She struggles to find anything that is being taught in conventional nutritional worlds that is true or evidence based. Hence why she spent 2008-10 writing The Obesity Epidemic - 135,000 words blowing apart: the misapplication of thermodynamics to dieting; the notion that 1lb = 3,500 calories, let alone that a deficit of 3,500 calories will lead to a weight loss of 1lb; the Seven Countries Study and the subsequent change in our diet advice, which has caused the obesity epidemic; the role of exercise in obesity and much more. Zoë s personal values are health, relationships, personal development, mutuality and integrity. The order of the first two has not changed in 20 years. Her personal goal is two fold and complementary - to do whatever can be done to reverse the horrific, man-made, obesity epidemic and to make a difference in the lives of others. Zoë lives in the Welsh countryside with her husband, Andy, a rescue dog and a rescue cat. Andy describes her as friendly, enthusiastic, principled, chatty, passionate and short! She is a member of Mensa, but friends say she hides it well! Other passions are rugby - especially Wales - cocoa & cocoa butter (i.e. real chocolate) and dinner parties. There can be little better in life than great company and great food - more of both and the world would be a happier and healthier place

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