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The Ultimate Guide To Horse Breeds [Hardback-2016]
Andrea Fitzpatrick
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Publisher: Chartwell Usa | ISBN: 9780785834670 | Pages: 448

For centuries the horse was vital; it was not only for transportation, but also a working animal on farms, in mines, and on the battlefield. This diversification of use led to the development of a myriad of breeds throughout the world. Climate and geographical boundaries combined with man s influence also played an important part. Depending upon their use the different breeds were purposely developed to fulfill certain roles. Breeds originating from desert areas were fine coated enough to deal with the hot daytime temperatures, but were also hardy enough to deal with the plummeting temperatures at night. At the other extreme, breeds originating from the colder lands developed heavy coats and a resilience to cold and rain. War horses were bred to be large and stocky, making them able to carry a knight in full amount. Similarly, draught horses were bred for strength to pull a plough or heavy cart across countryside. The ultimate breeding triumph is undoubtedly the Thoroughbred which was developed for the racecourse. This finely tuned breed has in turn, influenced many of the modern breeds we know of today; adding quality, speed, and stamina to domesticated horse breeds. As well as a comprehensive coverage of all the breeds, a section on care has also been included, which provides the reader with an introduction into looking after and owning a horse. The Ultimate Guide to Horse Breeds covers the evolution of the horse and all the necessary tools for horse care to horse owners and aficionados. Stable management, horse grooming, breed information, correct feeding, riding, and training techniques are stunningly illustrated with over 600 color photographs of horse breeds across the world.

About the Author

Andrea Fitzpatrick has always been interested in the complexities of owning and breeding horses. 20 years ago she founded a small stud in the South of England specializing in the breeding of sports horses for top competition. Her stud is now quite large and has become highly respected as a producer of good quality horses. Her love for all things equestrian has inspired her to write this lovely work which should, in turn, encourage the reader to delve further in to this interesting field of horse breeds. As well as her work with horses, she is also a budding freelance journalist and covers many equestrian events countrywide. Kit Houghton is an acclaimed equestrian photographer who has travelled around the world to photograph all the breeds in this book. He lives in Somerset in the south west of England.

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