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Established in 2006, Readings was essentially a used bookstore and was started to realize our dream of providing a large and previously unavailable variety of books at highly affordable prices to a potentially eager to read community in Lahore. Owing to the variety and the prices of available books as well as its location in the heart of Lahore and its unparalleled customer friendly atmosphere in which they could browse through books unobtrusively for hours on end, Readings soon became a haven for booklovers and consequently a household name, which echoed even beyond the bounds of Lahore. But still we had limitations; we couldn’t provide each and every book under the sun that our customers thought we should have. Such was the faith in us that lead us to bring in new books but still at markedly low prices in our store. That was a moment of relief but not for long. Readings had all sorts of books in both new and used sections to suit the needs and affordability of our esteemed customers but now there were demands of a Readings Publications House that would publish local interest books by local authors in all local languages. Oh, it was a bit too early. At least this is what we thought but it was not that early indeed. It didn’t take us long to found a Publication House. It is very much there now, having found its way on the forsaken road of our historical, cultural and literary identities and traditions.

And now there is no turning back for us. Here are a few major achievements that we want to share with our customers:

- Readings is the largest ever bookshop in Lahore.
- Readings is the largest ever and ever expanding e-bookshop in Pakistan.
- Readings has the largest distribution network of imported books in Pakistan.

Soon we will open at least 10 bookshops to cover all major cities in Pakistan. But our dream doesn’t end here. We want to reach to the doorstop of every potential reader in Pakistan for we firmly believe that IT IS ONLY THEIR INSATIABLE HUNGER FOR BOOKS THAT HAS CHANGED THE DESTINIES OF NATIONS.