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Placing An Order
Packing and Shipping


We apply standard packaging to all routine orders. However, if requested, we can gift wrap your order(s). Gift wrapping is free.

Shipping Methods

Prepaid Orders

For all prepaid orders, we offer multiple shipping choices. While placing an order, please choose the choicest method to suit your location from below.

  • - Courier Service
  • - UMS
  • - Book Post

In addition to the above shipping choices, you may still request the delivery by any other shipping company. In all such case, you are liable to bear the shipping costs incurred.

Cash On Delivery

All Cash On Delivery orders will be sent via Pakistan Post Office’s Value Payable Post (VPP).

Delivery Time


We try our utmost to expedite the delivery of your orders. However, the delivery time may vary according to the delivery method and from location to location. The tentative nationwide time schedule will be as follows:

  • - 2-3 days for all Prepaid orders
  • - Up to 7 days for all Cash On Delivery orders
  • - Next day delivery on all orders received till 1 pm (working days only)
  • - Next day delivery on all orders received after 1 pm (working days only)

Please note that Next day delivery in Lahore may not be possible during anydisturbance in town and in bad weather conditions.

On Demand and Out of Stock Orders

Orders for all On Demand and Out of Stock titles are immediately sent to their respective publishers. However, their procurement is subject to their availability with the publishers. Please allow us 2-4 weeks for delivery for available titles.

Tracking Orders

Since only the courier companies offer online tracking, the service is available for Pre-paid orders dispatched via courier companies only. To track your orders dispatched via a courier company, please use the tracking information provided on Dispatch Notification email or visit

Note: For all other Pre-paid or Cash on Delivery orders, please visit to check the current status of your orders.

Cancelling Orders

You can cancel your order only if it is still in process and has not been dispatched. To cancel an order, please visit  and click ‘Cancel’ button in the Order Status. An email window will open with your order number in the subject. Please send it to us as is.


We accept returns only if: (i) the disputed item was not on your order (ii) had a production imperfection. All such items must be reported within 24 hours of the receipt of your order for a refund/replacement claim and must be sent to us in their original packing within 3 working days. Any claims that do not meet these criteria will not be entertained.

Replacements / Refunds

You reserve the right to demand replacement/refund for incorrect item(s). If you choose a replacement, we will deliver such item(s) free of charge. However, if you choose to claim a refund, we will offer you a refund method and will refund the amount in question within 15-30 days.

International Orders

We don’t deliver internationally at the moment. However, you can still send us your orders from abroad if you want us to deliver them anywhere in Pakistan. All such orders need to be prepaid by credit card (Visa & MasterCard only).


We have penned down in detail all Help topics under their appropriate headings. Please read them carefully if you want to place an order with us. In this section, we have only answered the questions which remain unanswered in the main Help section and our customers ask from time to time. If you still have some unanswered questions, please email us at

What are On-Demand titles?

These are the titles that we normally don’t stock in our warehouse but can import for you if you want them. All such titles are offered subject to their availability with the publishers. If available, they are dispatched to you within 2-4 weeks.

Why do you have a New at Readings section when you also have a New Releases section?

In New at Readings section, we display titles which are not new releases but still are new at Readings. It gives you the option to browse through all titles new at Readings but not included in New Releases section.

I placed an order for a Pre-Order title; why did I not receive it on its release date?

It is to remember that the release date of a particular title corresponds to its release in the country of its origin. We try our utmost to import all titles to match their release dates abroad but it may not be possible if a publisher does not release stocks in time or there are unforeseen flight delays.

I added an ‘Available’title to my cart but now it appears out of stock/not available in my cart. Why was it not reserved for me?

Adding a title to your cart does not mean that it is reserved for you. Readings has multiple sales operations going on all the time. Apart from our online outlet, we supply our physical outlet, institutions, wholesalers etc. too. Besides, multiple online customers may add an ‘Available’ title to their carts. We cater our customers on ‘First Come, First Serve’ basis so it may go out of stock before you order it. A title is only reserved for you when you have placed an order for it.

I added an ‘Available’ title to my cart but I didn’t receive it. It appeared out of stock/not available on my invoice. Why?

Yes, sometimes it may happenwhen stocks for a particular title are low and we have multiple orders for the same. Since we supply our customers on ‘First Come, First Serve’ basis, antitle may go out of stock before we process your order.

I ordered an ‘Available’title but it I didn’t get it. It was marked as out of stock/not available on my invoice. Will I never receive it?

Well, you may. When we are not able to supply an ‘Available’title on your order, we will call/email you to know if you still want it. It is because (i) it takes about 2-4 weeks to import an title and you may not need it then (ii) the price may change when we order an out of stock title (iii) a particular edition is not in stock. However if you still want it, we will order it for you and will dispatch when available.

Sometimes, when I want to order a title, it appears out of stock on your website. Is it indefinite or do you replenish your stocks? If so, how often do you replenish them?

Titles come and go all the time. Most of the out of stock titles are immediately reordered and become available again within a month. However, sometimes a title may not be available with its publisher for a long time in which case we won’t be able to replenish its stock.

Can I request any book?

You can request any book in English published in Pakistan or abroad or any local book in English, Urdu and Punjabi at the moment. We will try our utmost to get it for you but it may not be possible if it is not available with any of our suppliers.

I have written a book. How can I publish it with Readings?

Please go to Get Published section in Our Publications. There, you will find necessary information on getting published with us.