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1984 (Readings Classics)
[Paperback - 2022]
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Category: Fiction
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Publisher: Readings | ISBN: 9786275100003 | Pages: 266
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England is ruled by a totalitarian government called the Party . Among other things, the Party believes who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past. Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue) where he is busy altering the history to suit the Party . He is unhappy and longs for truth and liberty. One day, he meets Julia. He falls for her and together they embark on a journey of love and rebellion which may change their world forever.

Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) was born on June 25, 1903 in Bihar, India. He was educated in England. At 19, Orwell joined the Imperial Police. He was posted in Burma (Myanmar) where he lived until his resignation. Afterwards, he stayed briefly in London and then spent two years in Paris where he worked as a journalist. Upon his return to England, Orwell worked succinctly as a schoolteacher and then went on to fight for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. He was wounded in the war and went to Morocco for six months. Orwell contracted tuberculosis in the following years and although he continued his life in the same fashion, he was never ever fit. He died on January 21, 1950.

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