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Perspectives On Contemporary Pakistan: Governance, Development and Environment (Routledge advances In South asian Studies)
[Paperback - 2022]
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Sub-category: Pakistan Studies
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Publisher: Routledge Uk | ISBN: 9780367509729 | Pages: 232
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This book analyses problems of governance, development and environment affecting contemporary Pakistan; issues that lie at the centre of federal and provincial policy deliberations, formulation and implementation. The book offers a comprehensive assessment of the policies, or lack thereof. Authors from a variety of disciplines empirically and conceptually evaluate latest developments, events and data regarding law and order, economic under-performance, social intolerance and climate crisis. The book offers varied perspectives on state sovereignty, civil-military relations, spousal violence, rural development, CPEC, nuclear governance and transboundary climate risk. Arguing that the conclusions should be adopted by the social, political and economic stakeholders of Pakistan, as well as the region at the higher level of governability, the book demonstrates that it would both boost national morale and inspire individuals to further investigate to come up with innovative solutions. Examining some of the most pressing and persistent problems Pakistan and South Asia is facing, the book will be of interest to academics working in the fields of Political Science, in particular South Asian Politics, Development Studies and Environmental Studies.

Ghulam Ali is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Sichuan University of Science && Engineering, PR China. Ejaz Hussain is Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at Iqra University, Pakistan.

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