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Under the Gun: Political Parties and Violence In Pakistan
[Paperback - 2023]
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Sub-category: Pakistan Studies
Additional Category: Political Science - South Asian Studies
Publisher: Cambridge University Press Uk | ISBN: 9781009242509 | Pages: 290
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Political parties are integral to democracy and yet they frequently engage in anti-democratic, violent behaviour. Parties can employ violence directly, outsource violence to gangs and militias, or form electoral alliances with non-state armed actors. When do parties engage in, or facilitate, violence? What determines the strategies of violence that they employ? Drawing on data from Pakistan, Under the Gun argues that party violence is not a simple manifestation of weak state capacity but instead the intentional product of political incentives, further complicating the process of democratization. Using a rigorous multi-method approach based on over a hundred interviews and numerous surveys, the book demonstrates that a party s violence strategy depends on the incentives it faces in the subnational political landscape in which it operates, the cost it incurs from its voters for violent acts, and its organizational capacity for violence.

Niloufer A. Siddiqui is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany-State University of New York (SUNY). She is co-editor of Pakistan s Political Parties: Surviving between Dictatorship and Democracy (2020).

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