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The Life Of the Qur'an: From Eternal Roots To Enduring Legacy
[Hardback - 2024]
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Category: Religion
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Publisher: St. Martin Essentials Usa | ISBN: 9781250282361 | Pages: 272
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"Appropriately epic and consistently erudite, yet accessible for lay readers." --Kirkus (Starred review) Based on extensive scholarship, an innovative biography of the central text of Islam Over a billion copies of the Qur`an exist - yet it remains an enigma. Its classical Arabic language resists simple translation, and its non-linear style of abstract musings defies categorization. Moreover, those who champion its sanctity and compete to claim its mantle offer widely diverging interpretations of its core message - at times with explosive results. Building on his intimate portrait of the Qur`an s prophet in Muhammad the World-Changer, Mohamad Jebara returns with a vivid profile of the book itself. While viewed in retrospect as the grand scripture of triumphant empires, Jebara reveals how the Qur`an unfolded over 22 years amidst intense persecution, suffering, and loneliness. The Life of the Qur`an recounts this vivid drama as a biography examining the book s obscured heritage, complex revelation, and contested legacy. The Qur`an re-emerges with clarity as a dynamic life force that seeks to inspire human beings to unleash their dormant potential despite often-overwhelming odds - in order to transform themselves and the world.

Mohamad Jebara is a scriptural philologist and prominent exegetist known for his eloquent oratory style as well as his efforts to bridge cultural and religious divides. A semanticist and historian of Semitic cultures, he has served as Chief Imam as well as headmaster of several Qur anic and Arabic language academies. Jebara has lectured to diverse audiences around the world; briefed senior policy makers; and published in prominent newspapers and magazines. A respected voice in Islamic scholarship, Jebara advocates for positive social change.

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