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The Invisible Doctrine: the Secret History Of Neoliberalism (& How It Came To Control Your Life)
[Hardback - 2024]
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Publisher: Allen Lane Uk | ISBN: 9780241635902 | Pages: 224
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How can you fight something if you don’t know it exists? We live under an ideology that preys on every aspect of our lives: our education and our jobs; our healthcare and our leisure; our relationships and our mental wellbeing; the planet we inhabit – the very air we breathe. So pervasive has it become that, for most people, it has no name. It seems unavoidable, like a natural law. But trace it back to its roots, and we discover that it is neither inevitable nor immutable. It was conceived, propagated, and then concealed by the powerful few. Our task is to bring it into the light-and to build a new system that is worth fighting for. Neoliberalism. Do you know what it is?

George Monbiot is an author, Guardian columnist and environmental campaigner. His best-selling books include Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life and Heat: How We Can Stop the Planet Burning; his latest is Regenesis: Feeding the World without Devouring the Planet. George cowrote the concept album Breaking the Spell of Loneliness with musician Ewan McLennan, and has made a number of viral videos. One of them, adapted from his 2013 TED talk, How Wolves Change Rivers, has been viewed on YouTube over 40 million times. Another, on Natural Climate Solutions, which he co-presented with Greta Thunberg, has been watched over 60 million times. Peter Hutchison is a critically acclaimed filmmaker, NY Times bestselling author, educator and activist. He directed && produced Requiem for the American Dream: ft. Noam Chomsky (2105) – an exploration of wealth inequity in America. A NY Times Critics Pick and #1-selling doc on iTunes, the bestselling companion book has been translated into 2-dozen languages (Seven Stories Press). His award-winning films include: Healing From Hate (2020), Devil Put the Coal in the Ground (2022), and The Cure For Hate: Bearing Witness to Auschwitz (2023).

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