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What ails the Pakistani Power Sector
[Paperback - 2024]
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Publisher: Readings | ISBN: 9786275100553 | Pages: 107
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This monograph consists of 18 articles authored by the foremost Power Sector specialist over he last six months. These articles address all aspects of the currently beleaguered Power Sector and provide solutions to the evident issues. The contents of these articles need to be taken very seriously by the current managers of the Sector. The articles are not merely academic; they are based on the author’s 50 years of hands-on experience and management of the Sector. It is rare to find professionals with such comprehensive competency and experience in an entire sector, as most specialists tend to focus on sub-sectors alone. This monograph is unique in that it presents the actual situation in the Sector along with solutions that have the potential to transform its current bleak state. As a result, this book is a must-read for everyone involved in the Power Sector who wishes to tranform it and general readers who want to keep abreast of the Sector.

Engr. Tahir Basharat Cheema was born into an army family in Mansehra in the erstwhile NWFP. He grew up in Quetta, where he began his education at Quetta Grammar School. He then moved to Peshawar, studying at the Presentation Convent and St. Mary s Cambridge. His education continued at the prestigious La Salle Multan and St. Bonaventure s in Hyderabad. He later joined Multan s Emerson College and received his engineering education from both Sindh University and the venerable UET Lahore. Immediately after graduating as an engineer, he pursued postgraduate studies in Statistics at Punjab University. This was followed by postgraduate diplomas in Public Administration and Business Administration, culminating in an MBA degree. He is a senior member of IEEE (USA), a Fellow of IER, a Fellow of IEEEP and has recently been admitted as a Senior Fellow of PIDE. While serving in WAPDA, he received training at the AER, USA. He is the former MD of PEPCO and is regarded as the foremost Power Sector specialist in the country, with nearly 50 years of hands-on experience. He was the country s first DG of Energy Management and also served as the Chairman of the Energy Management Office at the then Ministry of Water && Power. He has been the President of both the IEEEP and the Institute of Engineers Pakistan. At one time, he was the Project Director for the WAPDA InternationalTechnical University.

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