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The Big Fat High School algebra 1 Workbook: 400+ algebra 1 Practice Exercises (Big Fat Notebooks)
[Paperback - 2023]
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Publisher: Workman Publishing Company | ISBN: 9781523518395 | Pages: 488
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This ultimate Algebra 1 workbook provides support for students at all levels as they navigate foundational concepts in algebra—featuring helpful recaps, hundreds of practice opportunities, a variety of question types, and a stepped-out solution process. Students love the direct, accessible approach of Everything You Need to Ace Pre-Algebra && Algebra 1 in One Big Fat Notebook. This hands-on workbook takes the same approach of easy-to-understand explanations of key concepts reinforced with examples solved step by step, fun doodles, helpful captions and call outs, and hundreds of exercises to provide additional practice of the Algebra 1 concepts students learn in class. Each question has a detailed answer explanation in the back of the book, allowing students to determine not only whether they got the answer right or wrong, but why.

Workman Publishing is a New York-based publisher of award-winning nonfiction for adults and children.

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