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The Complete High School Study Guide Everything You Need To ace Biology In One Big Fat Notebook
[Paperback - 2021]
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Publisher: Workman Publishing Company | ISBN: 9781523504367 | Pages: 528
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Biology? No Problem! This Big Fat Notebook covers everything you need to know during a year of high school BIOLOGY class, breaking down one big bad subject into accessible units. Including: biological classification, cell theory, photosynthesis, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, the human body, plant and animal reproduction, DNA && RNA, evolution, genetic engineering, the ecosystem and more. Study better with mnemonic devices, definitions, diagrams, educational doodles, and quizzes to recap it all. Millions and millions of BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS sold!

Workman Publishing publishes books for all of life’s big and small moments, created with passion, joy, hard work, and a fiercely independent spirit. They’re the kinds of books you’ll wonder how you lived without, and calendars that make the days count. We publish Brain Quest®, the #1 bestselling educational series in the country, What to Expect® When You re Expecting, the world’s bestselling pregnancy and parenting guides, award-winning cookbooks, kids books, unique travel books, plus books on self-help, craft, gardening—and cats! By the way, we also invented the Page-A-Day Calendar.

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