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A Room Of One's Own (Readings Classics)
[Paperback - 2022]
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Category: Literature
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Publisher: Readings | ISBN: 9786275100157 | Pages: 88
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A Room of One s Own is a long feminist essay by Virginia Woolf which was first published in 1929. Woolf based her polemic on two lectures she delivered to two different Cambridge student societies at Newnham and Girton Colleges on 20 and 26 October 1928 respectively. Her famous quote a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction serves as the theme to explore women s plight in her time and in past. She argues that it is not the dearth of talent but their circumstances which have denied women their place in the world. A classic in its own right, A Room of One s Own still stands tall amidst feminist literature.

One of the leading British writers and intellectual of the twentieth century Virginia Woolf was born in London on 25 January 1882. She began publishing her work to both general and critical acclaim in her early twenties and became associated with Bloomsbury Circle, an influential group of English modernist writers, intellectuals, philosophers and artists in early twentieth century. Best remembered for the lyrical quality of her prose Woolf wrote many novels and essays all bearing the modernist trends of the Circle. Her works have been translated in over 50 languages around the world. However, she was not very lucky in health matters and suffered from the bouts of mental illness throughout her life. She perished by drowning during one such attack on 28 March 1941.

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